We are currently in the final testing stages of a utility that will automatically create Alerton Envision Device Templates and Display Templates that can be utilized by Envision projects. An Export function is provided by our Management Console for the S4 Open Appliance configuration. This file will then be processed by a stand alone utility that will provide a complete map of all Metasys N2 devices and points available on the N2 bus.

The process will be:

  1. Execute the export command in the S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router
  2. Run the Alerton Envision Template Creation Utility
  3. Put the created templates into your Envision project folder and link them to your Envision navigation structure.

At this point you can work with N2 points just as you would any other 3rd party BACnet device.

More information will follow as internal testing and field testing completes.

“Investigate before you integrate....”