S4 Management Console

All S4 routers are managed by this single management console. Being familiar with one S4 router means you are automatically familiar with all other S4 routers. The console uses Microsoft Windows' look and feel, ensuring that your first engagement with the S4 routers is intuitive and straightforward.

PES4 can supply the S4 Route Console Management Router

You can either centrally manage all appliances in your network or distribute the management responsibility as appropriate within your organization. Each S4 router is identified by a name and can include further optional administrative information such as a description, location and contact person. After you assign a name this name will be used in the console for easy reference.

Any S4 router can be secured against unauthorized access. This security system integrates tightly into the well proven Microsoft Windows NT C2 Security technology. This allows you to run a common security policy in your enterprise based on this technology. Before a user can communicate with the system they have to present their security credentials. The system then checks whether the user is authorized to perform the desired operation. This process can either be handled directly by the device or delegated to your existing domain server.

The S4 management console is based on Microsoft Management Console technology and implements all requirements in the Microsoft style guide to certify for the "designed for XP," "designed for Vista" or "designed for Windows 7" logo.

When you purchase and license any S4 Group product you may install the console on as many Windows desktop systems as you need to monitor and manage your enterprise.

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