S4 BACnet-N2 Router

Expanding the Versatility of METASYS

The S4 BACnet-N2 Router creates flexibility and cost savings in building automation systems. It is the gateway to third party product integration into the Metasys N2 environment.  Seamless BACnet integration with N2 networks is enabled, Ethernet compatibility is provided on DAY 1 and significant cost savings over the term of the integration project are realized.  These cost savings extend into the overall migration of devices from N2 to BACnet, allowing YOU to choose what devices to use and more importantly, when they are deployed.  It is now no longer necessary to do a full system upgrade to BACnet in one hit.


S4 BACnet-N2 Router creates flexibility and cost savings in building automation systems.

Typical S4 Open:BACnet-N2 Router Installation



The Migration Path



This is the mantra of The S4 Group.  Years spent integrating and migrating BMS systems has taught Steve and his team the value of time spent evaluating each application.  Though each project is different, the structure of their approach remains constant - investigate before you integrate.  The first step is to evaluate the existing N2 bus.  Once the validity of the N2 bus is established, the S4 router can be inserted in series with the existing Metasys N2 controller (NCM for example).  The S4 router auto-detects the devices downstream, a process that takes approximately one hour to complete.  During this time, the NCM will not see the N2 devices, but they will continue to operate according to their last command.  After one hour, the S4 router goes “transparent”, allowing the NCM to pass commands to the N2 devices through the S4 router.  At the same time, the S4 router begins publishing the N2 data to BACnet.  At this time, the device templates that the S4 router has selected for each N2 device can be verified on the S4 Management Console and changes can be made simply and efficiently. 

Once the quality of messages being published to BACnet is confirmed, the old NCM can be detached or priority can be given to the new BACnet controller, allowing it to take control of the bus from the NCM.

What this represents is a fast and effective migration from N2 to BACnet with minimal downtime and minimal risk.  The NCM maintains control of the N2 network until such time as the control is passed to the new BACnet controller.  YOU control when the NCM is taken out of service - once the BACnet integration is established, tested and verified.  Using the BACnet Priority Array, it is even possible to migrate controls ONE DEVICE AT A TIME.

Once the new controller is established, all of the benefits of BACNet can be realised and the PLANNED migration of the legacy N2 devices can take place.


“Investigate before you integrate....”