The controls upgrade was performed as part of an all-around energy efficiency upgrade of the building. All of the aging mechanical equipment in the building was replaced. Every window was replaced with energy efficient glazing; lighting controls were added as a part of this project. The building was to remain occupied during the upgrade. GSA mandated zero interruptions to tenants’ activities. There was no access to VAV boxes and most of the N2 bus wiring, as they were above ceilings that were heavily contaminated with asbestos. Zero downtime of mechanical systems and controls was allowed during normal business hours. The requirement was to achieve a completely seamless integration. ATS Automation was called in on the project because of their excellent history of complex integrations and well managed projects.

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The facility owner approached ENTEC Services and asked them to integrate an existing York chiller with the Delta Controls BAS. The York chiller was communicating York Talk through a JCI Metasys® Integrator (MIG) to the N2 bus. 

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The project team from VACE technology was given the opportunity to devise a plan to solve a building automation issue. Mitsubishi needed better control of their clean room environments, and better visibility to the status of the rooms that was not possible with their aging Metasys® equipment.

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Linn State Technical College challenged Charles E Jarrell Mechanical Contractors to integrate controls in their two existing buildings with the control system in a newly constructed building. The current systems were Johnson Controls Legacy Metasys ®N2-based installations. The new building control system installed by Jarrell Mechanical Contractors was an open system using Trane LON devices. The project called for all buildings to be connected using the existing LAN network with remote access and alarming through the internet. 

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The University of Utah Hospital staff began to receive complaints that the lobby was not a comfortable environment to spend time in. Patients and families complained about the temperature; it was cold  when patients needed to feel warm and welcome. The average temperature in the hospital hobby was only 38 degrees last winter. The hospital staff called upon Atkinson Electronics to find a solution to the problem.

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“Investigate before you integrate....”