Recently, a large number of timeouts and routing errors on our Metasys system have alerted us to a problem. The spare capacity on the upstream network shows that the Metasys controller is leaving the S4 router space to blend in message on the trunk for the purposes of the BACnet interface. 

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This project was unique because of both its size and complexity. Wunderlich–Malec needed to demonstrate expertise in process control, building automation, the pharmaceutical industry processes and procedures, and FDA regulations- in addition to the technical expertise necessary to meet the customer’s functional and operational requirements. Wunderlich–Malec had a long term relationship with the customer and previously provided general automation support and system integration for GMP systems for this facility. The bulk of their previous work was related to industrial controls (PLC, SCADA, and HMI), as well as commissioning and qualification support.

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With the International Facilities Project, the Calgary International Airport is undergoing its single largest expansion to date. The plan is to have new Canadian and U.S. customs facilities as well as 22 additional aircraft gates. The Airport is expecting to open the new terminal in October 2015, and will cover an area of two million square feet.

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The Honeywell Project Manager, Shari Jacobs, did a fantastic job of assembling a great team to complete this project using resources from both inside and outside of the company. This project demonstrates the ROI of taking the time to analyze the project, determine what skills are needed to complete it, and ensuring those skills are represented by the team. Quite often the difference between a smooth project and one that lingers is the upfront planning and analysis, core technology selection, and identifying key personnel required to get the job done.

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The Alaska Regional Hospital is a 250-bed licensed and accredited facility built in 1976. In 1994 Alaska Regional joined with HCA, providing the hospital with access to the advanced medical resources and facility management of one of the nation’s largest healthcare providers. The building contained 215 Metasys N2 controllers under 4 Supervisory NCM controllers. Connected to the controllers were 2,012 points.

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“Investigate before you integrate....”